// Configuration options. Refer to the README file inside the 'chb' directory
var chb_config = {

// First example - Choice Hotels color scheme - blue background, white text and green button
'background_color': '#2f72a0', // Background color of widget
'divider_color': '#ffffff', // Color of divider under widget header
'text_color': '#ffffff', // Text color
'button_text_color': '#ffffff', // Background color of submit button
'button_background_color': '#4f9e0b', // Color of text inside submit button

//Second example - greyed out color scheme
//'background_color': '#3E3E41',
//'divider_color': '#F6EDD4',
//'text_color': '#F6EDD4',
//'button_text_color': '#FCF9EF',
//'button_background_color': '#AAA188',

'language': 'fr_FR', // Language for date picker: English (en), French (fr_FR), Canadian French (fr_CA), German (de), Italian (it) or Spanish (es)
'country': 'FR', // Choose country: Australia (AU), Canada (CA), Czech Republic (CZ), France (FR), Germany (DE), Ireland (IE), Italy (IT), Mexico (MX), New Zealand (NZ) or UK (UK)
'orientation': 'vert', // Orientation of widget (vert | horz) i.e. horizontal or vertical style of wiget
'filepath': '../chb/', // Path to assets folder. Must end in a / (i.e. chb/)
'hotelId': 'fr384', // Please use the correct lower-case hotel code.
'bookinglang': 'fr', // Language for booking url (fr/en).
'promo':'icbwfr' // tracking code - DO NOT MODIFY

// Insert js via document.write to take advantage of config options